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How It Works

How It Works

Building your profile on Insight Report takes 3 Easy steps:

3 Easy Steps

It is important that you put in correct and checkable information. Once you have created your profile, you can show what you want to do, for example, get a loan.

When you indicate this on your profile, a lender who subscribes to the service can make you an offer, which you may accept or not. This speeds up the application process for you, without affecting your score.

Once you accept an offer, your request is marked as filled, so you have the details to hand when required.

If any of your documents require further checking or verification, we can provide this service for a small fee, ranging from £10-£20, depending on the requirement. This fee can be paid by you or the service provider. The length of time taken to verify will depend on the response we receive from the organisation concerned.

Once you start making regular repayments, we will be able to update your credit report. You build your own reputation, which will affect your future scores.

Finally, just as lenders and other service providers can report on your progress, you can also rate them on their performance, using Insight Report’s star rating system.

This creates a fairer marketplace for both consumers and service providers. Enjoy!