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About IRL

At IRL we are committed to creating a service where consumers and service providers exchange accurate information directly, conveniently, and cheaply. This helps to reduce the current problem where information is exchanged about people, often without the person’s knowledge, control or means to put things right quickly if the information is wrong. As the consumer uploads their own documents which can be verified, and select the service they are looking for, companies can benefit in many ways:

  1. Excellent leads who have already indicated the service they are looking for
  2. Cleaner consumer databases
  3. Up-to-date information directly from the consumer, backed up with checkable documents
  4. Insight Rating based on more in-depth information than currently available
  5. Documents that can be downloaded conveniently .
  6. An affordable service for around £1 per day*

The consumer gets a sense of control, fairness and a service they really want; the service provider gets a customer quickly, cheaply and conveniently. Everyone wins!

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We take online security very seriously, and have taken a number of steps to make sure your documents and information are kept secure and confidential. Always look out for our web address in your browser, and sign out completely as soon as you leave the site.